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Brothers of the Kappa Alpha Order's Journal

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24th June 2005

thewookie234:01pm: Welcome to reardon_steel
Just want to say welcome to reardon_steel. He is an alum of Iota chapter, graduate in 2000.

21st June 2005

thewookie2312:01pm: I Will Start It Off
My name is James, I am an alumni of the Epsilon Rho Chapter of Kappa Alpha at Purdue University. I am from New Hampshire and because of that caught so much flack for being a Yankee, even though I am hardcore Red Sox. Anyways, this is my brain-child, I recognize a few schools and some names from ISU, thanks for initiating us. So, I hope this takes off. Talk to you all later.

20th June 2005

thewookie236:59pm: Welcome to the Kappa Alpha Order
Hello and welcome. I created this forum/message board/whatever you want to call it, as a place for brothers in the Kappa Alpha Order to meet and chat. I am an alumni of the Epsilon Rho chapter at Purdue University. I currently live in New Hampshire, a long way from my brothers. I no longer attend Purdue which is why I am an alum. While I find it hard to keep in contact this is a great way to find other brothers across the country. So login, join and post where you are from and stuff. It's a good way to share info about our chapters and what not. But as with all public forums, we consider and beware what we talk about, don't want to offend anyone. Thanks.
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